Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Launches Today, Adds "Shores of Gold" Quests and New Achievements

An anniversary update for Sea of Thieves adds new achievements and coincides with the release of the "Shores of Gold" questline.

By Chris Compendio

April 30, 2019

Those still devoted to Rare’s online pirate game Sea of Thieves will be greeted with an anniversary update—included are new achievements and a new questline. Shores of Gold will consist of nine “Tall Tales” for players, and with this free update comes a number of achievements for cooking, fishing, The Arena, and a number of other activities in Sea of Thieves. According to Microsoft, this is the “biggest update yet” for the online game.

As with pretty much any portion in Thieves, the quests in Shores of Gold will be playable solo or with a group of friends. These will be narrative-driven quests that will have players on the hunt for the “Shroudbreaker relic.” With these new missions come new gameplay features, as Rare attempts to keep the game fresh over a year after its initial launch. These gameplay mechanics will involve “enchanted tools and artifacts to master,” with brand-new locations presenting “ancient puzzles” to solve.

While these quests are all meant to serve a larger narrative, players are encouraged to replay these missions individually. Doing so may show the players new secrets and solutions not encountered before, seemingly confirming that puzzles can be solved in more ways than one. And with a new narrative also comes new characters, with full professional voice acting and new lore books that further expand the universe of the game.

Sea of Thieves continues to update and evolve, one such update even decreasing the file space of the game. Rare and Xbox Game Studios have been offering some opportunities for others to try out the game, such as one instance in February where players were allowed to invite up to three friends to the game for a weeklong event. Be sure to check out the trailer for Shores of Gold below, while achievement hunters can check out the full list of new achievements, totaling up to 1000 gamerscore, at the bottom.

The Arena

Rum ‘n’ Bass (10G)
“In The Arena, form a crew of four and play your instruments during a contest.”

Pints Mean Prizes (10G)
“In The Arena, deliver a chest during a contest – while drunk!”

Glorious Sea Dog (10G)
“Purchase the Glorious Sea Dog Jacket, Hat, Hook and Gloves.”

Nice Pirates Finish Last (20G)
“In The Arena, deliver a stolen chest during a contest.”

Hot Tub Crime Machine (25G)
“In The Arena’s tavern, get at least one member of each crew into the hot tub at the same time.”

Capture the Swag (30G)
“In The Arena, deliver a chest within the first five minutes of a contest.”

Fortune and Glory (30G)
“In The Arena, have 15 chests in your crew’s possession at the same time during a contest.”

Show Your Colours (30G)
“In The Arena, take part in a contest using every single colour of ship.”

Captain of Silvered Waters (30G)
“Receive the Commendation for placing in the top three 100 times in The Arena.”

Champion of Silvered Waters (50G)
“Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena.”

Legend of Silvered Waters (50G)
“Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena as a Pirate Legend.”

Sailor of Silvered Waters (35)
“Receive the Commendation for completing 200 contests in The Arena.”

Master of The Arena (35)
“Purchase the Arena Master Promotion from the Sea Dogs Trading Company.”

The Hunter’s Call

Dining With the Stars (5G)
“Cook a piece of food on a campfire at night.”

Well Done! (5G)
“Burn a piece of food.”

Not So Well Done (5G)
“Become sick from undercooked food.”

Five a Day (5G)
“Eat at least one piece of every kind of fruit.”

Another Pirate’s Treasure (5G)
“Deliver a piece of treacherous loot to The Hunter’s Call.”

Night Bite (10G)
“Deliver a luminescent fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

A Rare Delicacy (10G)
“Deliver a rare coloured fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Meat and Greet (10G)
“Deliver every kind of cooked meat to The Hunter’s Call.”

Hunter of Trophy Fish (20G)
“Receive the Commendation for delivering 25 Trophy Fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Hook, Line and Sinker (30G)
“Deliver at least one of every kind of fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves (50G)
“Receive the Commendation for completing 57 Grade 5 Hunter’s Call Commendations.”

Master of the Hunters (20G)
“Purchase the Master Hunter Promotion from The Hunter’s Call Trading Company.”

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

The Shroudbreaker (10G)
“Complete ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale.”

The Cursed Rogue (10G)
“Complete ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale.”

The Legendary Storyteller (10G)
“Complete ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale.”

Star of a Thief (10G)
“Complete the ‘Stars of a Thief’ Tall Tale.”

Wild Rose (10G)
“Complete the ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale.”

The Art of the Trickster (10G)
“Complete ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale.”

The Fate of the Morningstar (10G)
“Complete ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

Revenge of the Morningstar (10G)
“Complete the ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

The Shores of Gold (10G)
“Complete ‘The Shores of Gold’ Tall Tale.”

A Sunken Legacy (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale.”

Fateful Memories (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale.”

Sea of Dreams (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale.”

The Stolen Sky (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for the ‘Stars of a Thief’ Tall Tale.”

Always Yours (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for the ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale.”

The Trickster’s Folly (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale.”

The Unbroken Bond (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

The Morningstar Rises (30G)
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Revenge of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

Seeker of Grand Adventure (130G)
“Receive all Commendations for all the Shores of Gold Tall Tales.”

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