Sea of Thieves Crew Completes ‘Armakeggon’ Project; a Massive Chain Reaction Explosion

Sea of Thieves Crew Completes ‘Armakeggon’ Project; a Massive Chain Reaction Explosion

This might be the biggest chain reaction of explosions captured in the game.

A group of players who frequent the beautiful looking seas of Rare’s Sea of Thieves have created what might be the biggest chain explosion in the game of all time. And as you’d probably expect, there’s a lot of explosions, a lot of fire, and some cheering.

Octagon Ron tweeted that the project, codenamed ‘Armakeggon’, has been in the works for 3 years. However, when it came to making this idea a reality, it seems as if it took the crew a full day. Twitter user @Rith3r_ who was also part of the project said that they were counting kegs for 24 hours. And in a stream from 3 days ago, there appears to be a ticker that details over 1500 explosive kegs were used.

As you can see in the video above, the outcome was explosive. Barrels had been lined up around one of the islands in Sea of Thieves, and was something to rival a Michael Bay film. Another nice touch is that a chunk of barrels were set in a way to represent the Rare logo, and a heart. The studio has caught wind of this and shared it with the community.

I’m not entirely clear on how so many people had a role in the project, but Rith3r thanks a large group of people for their help. The final result is also above in an embedded Twitch clip that has the HUD elements turned off so you can just witness the explosion spanning around the island.

Sea of Thieves has only just updated to introduce the new Seasons progression system and an optional Plunder Pass. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.