Sea of Thieves Chicken Leg That’s About Tall Lady’s Size Discovered

Sea of Thieves Chicken Leg That’s About Tall Lady’s Size Discovered

Leg us have a look at this giant chicken leg on Cannon Cove.

The recent Sea of Thieves update launched back on January 28, and players have no doubt jumped onto their ships and set sail on the rocky seas. Likely going through the game’s new progression system or maybe earning those Plunder Pass riches. Some might just be blowing kegs up in the biggest chain-reaction to be recorded in the game. But a crew of sailors have discovered a weird Sea of Thieves chicken leg bug.

The crew sailed to Cannon Cove enjoying their time with the Sea of Thieves update and then noticed a weirdly large object in the distance once they set foot on the dock. It was a large chicken leg. Those who play the game will know that chicken legs can be gathered up and cooked to help restore health. But one this size!?

As you can see from the account above, the size of it is taller than the pirate posing against it, which is laughably tall. In fact, the studio caught wind of the tweet and jokingly remarked: “We do not yet know how tall the chicken is compared to Lady Dimitrescu.” If you’re no stranger to the internet, you’ll know the current obsession with Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu.

Another member of the crew also shared a video of them discovering the Sea of Thieves chicken leg bug and dancing around it. When they get close to object the prompt to pick it up appears, so this is certainly some bizarre resizing bug that’s cropped up for whatever reason. Users in the comments have been expressing hope that the bug won’t be patched by Rare. While it may be patched, the developer is known for embracing popular situations that occur and turning them into lore.

Sea of Thieves originally launched back in 2017 and has received numerous large title updates as the studio continues to work on the game alongside its other IP known as Everwild. While it’s available on PC and Xbox One, the game recently received some Xbox Series X|S optimisations.