Sea of Thieves New Update ‘Crews of Rage’ Introduces Angry Chests

Sea of Thieves New Update ‘Crews of Rage’ Introduces Angry Chests


Sea of Thieves has received its latest free update Crews of Rage which introduces very angry treasure chests and lots of fire. There’s also some fancy-looking rewards for players to earn as well as cosmetics up for grabs on the Black Market.

Crews of Rage is the latest free content update to hit the multiplayer pirate title from Rare and sees a Skeleton Lord return to the seas. Players will be able to take on Bounty Voyages that will have them traveling to Molten Sands Fortress to battle against Ashen Skeletons, Guardians, and Key Holders. They’ll also be collecting new Chests of Rage, and drinking a new Pirate Appearance Potion,

The new chest type that has been added to Sea of Thieves contains the souls of trapped pirates. Their rage keeps the chest in a dangerous state and players will need to keep it cool by using water. Failure to do so will result in the chest exploding and causing a devasting fire to contain. However, players can also use the chest to their advantage in battle.

The Chests of Rage can be sold as normal, but those selling them to the Masked Stranger at the Reaper’s Hideout will get double gold.

Players who are collecting Ashen Tomes will be able to collect the final five tomes that are now available to find. Finding them will unlock a range of Ashen cosmetics. There are also some new black market cosmetics as well as general cosmetics, emotes, and Cursed Pets. There’s also a fancy Viva Pinata-inspired Paradise Garden Ship livery.

The new Pirate Appearance Potion can be purchased and allows players to change how their pirate looks by going back to the character selection screen they were presented with when they booted the game up for the first time. Originally, those willing to change their appearance had to start fresh, but thanks to this potion, all saved progress will remain intact.

As a side note, Rock, Paper, Shotgun reported on a brilliantly hilarious video from the voice of the angry Chests of Rage which you can find in the embedded tweet below from Robin Beanland.

Crews of Rage is a free update that is available now for Sea of Thieves which is available for PC and Xbox One. Recently, the game has seen over 10 million players take to the seas.