Sea of Thieves "Festival of the Damned" Finally Adds Makeup to the Game

At New York Comic-Con 2018, Rare revealed a new event for Sea of Thieves called Festival of the Damned that allows players to use makeup for their characters.

The next “Bilgerat Adventure” event for popular online swashbuckling game Sea of Thieves is titled “Festival of the Damned,” and will feature the addition of a much-requested feature: the ability to add makeup to your character. Developer Rare made the announcement at a New York Comic-Con panel about the Sea of Thieves expanded universe.

As the name may imply, this adventure has to do with the Ferry of the Damned, the area in which players go to upon their character’s death. This is a celebration for the ferryman who brings these players back to life, and features a “Well of Spirits.”

This well is a flame that can change colors depending on the death of the player—for example, red for a volcanic-related demise in the new Forsaken Shores DLC. Players can gather the flame using their lantern, and use the flame to decorate their ships.

While makeup wasn’t demonstrated in much detail during the panel, the announcement itself prompted much applause from the attendees. Other than that, Rare couldn’t make too many promises to the audience in terms of gameplay audition, although one attendee who asked about new instruments in the game was told by a developer that the team has been thinking about incorporating banjos—might go well with a Banjo-Kazooie theme, if you ask me.

The panel also detailed some additions to the Sea of Thieves lore, specifically through other mediums such as novels and comic books. Rare specifically touted Sea of Thieves: Athena’s Fortune, an upcoming novel with the character of Ramsey at its center; the novel releases on October 23.

With NYCC 2018 ongoing until the end of the weekend, expect some more game impressions and news from the event.

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