Sea of Thieves is Letting Players Invite Three Friends to Play Free for One Week

Sea of Thieves is Letting Players Invite Three Friends to Play Free for One Week

Rare is giving Sea of Thieves players the chance to invite their friends to play for free in a weeklong event that kicks off tomorrow.

With the game coming up on its one year anniversary, Sea of Thieves has continued to give players the opportunity to set out on the high sea with their friends across Xbox One and PC. However, in a weeklong event that begins tomorrow, players will get the chance to give more of their friends the chance to head out into uncharted waters for free.

During the latest episode of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, Rare debuted a new invite event for Sea of Thieves called the “Friends Play Free” initiative. As detailed in a new trailer, Sea of Thieves players will be able to receive three invite codes that they can give to their friends to provide them with free access to the game for one week, with the event running from February 6-13 2019.

The offer itself is available to any player of Sea of Thieves that have either a physical or digital copy of the game, or are accessing the game through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One. To get the codes, all you have to do is head to the official Sea of Thieves website and log in with your Microsoft account to generate the three codes. After that, you can share the codes with your friends and have them join you on your adventures.

With Rare preparing more updates and other content on the horizon for Sea of Thieves, the Friends Play Free initiative seems like a smart move to try to bolster the number of players currently accessing the game on both Xbox One and PC. While recently it was reported that the player population for the game has been “healthy” since it first released last year, it makes sense for Rare to try to renew interest in the game and try to grab new players that might have missed out on the game the first time around by letting them play on the high seas with their friends.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox One and PC. For a closer look at the upcoming Friends Play Free event for the game, you can check out the trailer below: