Sea of Thieves Releases Swashbuckling Gameplay Launch Trailer

Sea of Thieves Releases Swashbuckling Gameplay Launch Trailer

Sea of Thieves got a new traieler today featuing a montage adventure of comedy and combat, showing players what to expect on March 20.

With only five more days to go, Sea of Thieves is nearing the horizon, and to commemorate the game’s upcoming launch, Microsoft has released a gameplay launch trailer to show potential players what kind of hijinks they can expect to get into.

The trailer features a crew doing what a crew does: embarking out on a quest and dealing with some pretty hilarious scenarios. There’s one particular slapstick scene where a crew is beckoning their mate to bring some chests aboard and the mate just waves back while a crew of skeletons is right behind him. While it’s hard to appreciate without the in-game communications that would likely be going along with it, this is exactly the kind of nonsense players are looking forward to, myself included.

The trailer goes on to show some ship and player customization, combat, pig wrangling, skull forts, and of course, the terrifying Kraken which seems to be everything Pirates of the Caribean conditioned me to think it was. What players do when its tentacles wrap around the ship is up to them as the trailer cuts out on this cliffhanger.

Sea of Thieves will release on March 20 for Xbox One and PC via Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning you’ll be able to seamlessly jump between the two platforms and keep up with friends on either. For more on the game, check out Microsoft’s real-life quest for four golden bananas valued at over $100,000. You can also check out the game’s other trailer which explains “everything you need to know” about the game.

Sea of Thieves releases on March 20, 2018 for PC and Xbox One — you can pre-order the game on Amazon to get the pre-order Black Dog pack. Check out the new trailer below:

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