Sea of Thieves’ Last Patch of 2018 Brings Gilded Gifts for December

Sea of Thieves’ Last Patch of 2018 Brings Gilded Gifts for December

Set sail in Sea of Thieves to find Duke and nab a Gilded Voyage to receive festive rewards.

Sea of Thieves launched earlier this year, bringing a large pirate-themed world to life that allows players to sail ships, find treasure, and more piratey activities such as drinking countless amounts of rum. We’ve seen a range of content updates since the game’s launch, such as Shrouded Spoils, The Arena, Forsaken Shores, and Cursed Sails.

As 2018 draws to a close, developer Rare has announced the arrival of Gilded Gifts to Sea of Thieves. The last patch of the year (1.4.1) will introduce the Pirate Lord to every tavern in the world for the rest of the December month. You’ll find him warming his bony little fingers up at the fireplace and he’ll allow you to purchase a Gilded Voyage that will cost you a hefty 0 doubloons. Free basically.

The catch is that you may only buy one of the four available. So if you’re a full four-man crew, each member can buy one of the four and you can all set sail to collect them all! The voyages will find players going after high-value rewards and “add some real holiday joy to your inventory”.

Additionally, the outposts around the world have been decorating and are now looking rather festive.

Furthermore, the 1.4.1 patch has updated Sea of Thieves with improvements to loading times, bone crusher cannons, a key bind for your bananas and more. The rest of the updates can be found by going to the official patch notes page. There is a trailer available which you can view below, but it doesn’t offer much information except where you can find good ol’ Duke.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and PC.