Sea Of Thieves: How To Get Black Pearl Ship Set (Eternal Freedom Set)

Set sail on an adventurous journey on the Black Pearl!

By Manisha Priyadarshini

June 22, 2021

The third season of Sea of Thieves has arrived with the free expansion “A Pirate’s Life.”

This ambitious update brings several new features headlined by the five Tall Tales in a mega-crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean featuring  Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

You can check out everything about this update in the article below.

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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Gameplay Trailer

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Gameplay Trailer

Get Black Pearls Ship Via Eternal Freedom set

Sea of Thieves Season 3 brings Jack Sparrow’s legendary pirate ship, The Black Pearl, into the game. This prized ship is something that every SoT pirate would like to get their hands on so here’s how you can get it:

The first thing you need to know is that the ship hasn’t been named The Black Pearl like in the movies. It’s probably because of name licensing issues but it definitely resembles the Black Pearl with its tattered sails and overall gloomy looks.

So you need to find the Eternal Freedom set in the shop which will transform your regular ship into Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl. Since, it is a part of the collector set, you will have to purchase every single item from the shop, also known as the Pirate Emporium.

A lot of players might be disappointed to know that this ship set isn’t included in the Plunder Pass. So you will have to spend real money to get Ancient Coins to make this purchase.

The ship set is priced at 2500 while the collector parts are available 799 Ancient Coins each.

While buying the ship set you will come across two options:

  • Eternal Freedom Ship Collection – It includes Core Ship Cosmetics, Collector’s Figurehead, and Collector’s Sails
  • Eternal Freedom Ship Bundle – This contains Core Ship Cosmetics

Moreover, you can select the Steering Wheel, Cannons, Sails, Figurehead, Capstan, Flares, etc., from these bundles to customize your Black Ship in Sea of Thieves in your own way!

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