Sea of Thieves to Get Three More Major Content Updates Later This Year

Sea of Thieves to Get Three More Major Content Updates Later This Year

Rare is "fully committed" to Sea of Thieves moving forward, as the game's development team has three more major updates planned to release this year.

Since it set sails earlier this year, Rare’s Sea of Thieves has offered players an endless bounty of seafaring adventures.

Speaking with IGN, Rare studio head Craig Duncan and design director Mike Chapman gave a bit more of a look into the upcoming content that players can expect from Sea of Thieves, and revealed that three larger content updates are planned through the later portion of 2018.

These unannounced updates will follow the previously-announced The Hungering Deep (which is available now) and Cursed Sails, which is the game’s next update that is set to arrive sometime later this month.

Aside from the current slate of content that Chapman said has the “magical opportunity to make all the areas of the game richer,” the next three updates will come some time after Cursed Sails arrives this month, which he added includes some “new mechanics” that the development team at Rare has been prototyping.

Overall, Duncan explained that “our goal is to try and give each team more runway but keep the cadence quick” as far as developing and releasing new content in a consistent and timely fashion, and a fourth team is also being brought on to add to its development. Duncan added that at this time, there are “more people working on Sea of Thieves now than when we shipped it,” and that Rare is “fully committed to Sea of Thieves in the future.”

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox One and PC. If you have yet to pick up the game, you can do so over at Amazon right now.

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