Sea of Thieves Player Population Has Been “Super Healthy” Since Launch, Says Rare Studio Head

Sea of Thieves Player Population Has Been “Super Healthy” Since Launch, Says Rare Studio Head

In several tweets from Rare's Craig Duncan, Sea of Thieves is still offering a thriving community with more adventures to enjoy in 2019.

After several years in development, the long-awaited Sea of Thieves first released last year on Xbox One and PC, and while it was met with a bit of a mixed reception, in the long run the game has maintained a steady and passionate audience after launch. After the release of two major expansion last year, Rare has assured that more is on the way for the game to quell fears that the game may die down any time soon.

In a series of tweets from Rare studio head Craig Duncan, he shared a bit more on the studio’s future plans with Sea of Thieves as the game nears one year since its release, specifically to “address a few concerns” that the game’s larger audience has had about upcoming content.

Notably, Duncan assured that the player population for Sea of Thieves since launch has been “super healthy on both PC and Xbox,” though without giving specific numbers or stats as far as the game’s active users/concurrent players to date. However, mainly Duncan seems to have wanted to assure that there is still a wide audience for Sea of Thieves across Xbox One and PC at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

Likewise, Duncan also shared that the studio has no intention of removing the crossplay features between the Xbox One and PC versions of the title, after explaining that an upcoming update for Sea of Thieves will provide console players with the ability to “opt out of crossplay if they choose.” Duncan noted that while he expects most players to continue utilizing the ability to play games together between both platforms, he felt that giving console players the ability to opt out of the experience was an “important option to add with The Arena coming,” a competitive PvP mode that, naturally, may give PC players a bit of an advantage over console players.

That being said, Duncan’s statements at least give encourage that while some of the buzz around Sea of Thieves has notably died down a bit from when the game first released last March, Rare is only continuing to support players’ adventures across the high seas for the coming future.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox One and PC.