Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune Update Will Introduce Cats

Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune Update Will Introduce Cats

Sea of Cats.

Last night, during the Inside Xbox stream, Rare introduced the next content update that’s to be heading to Sea of Thieves this month on April 22.  It brings a whole new bunch of content as well as a very important introduction of cats. The update comes after its previous update.

Titled Ships of Fortune, the upcoming content update will allow you to represent the Gold Hoarders as an emissary. You’ll be battling against other pirates to find a single-treasure chest that’s indicated by a seadog beacon, a beam of light basically.

The light continues to shine, even when captured by a team and placed on their ship, resulting in pursuits as other pirate teams chase after riches that lie within. The goal is to sell the Glorious Sea Dog Chest to the marked seller, but with the times now being cut down to 15 minutes rather than 24 minutes.

A revive system has made its way to the update too, allowing teammates to revive fallen friends within a certain period of time, If you’re on your knees waiting to be revived, you can kill yourself by offering your soul to The Ferryman.

Sea of Thieves will also be introducing new emotes for pirates to nab and use as well as a new ship set to apply to the ships. There are also cats now, which yes, you can dress up as fancy mini pirates. These cats can come with you on your sailing adventures.

Sea of Thieves’ Ships of Fortune update is to land for free on April 22. The game is available for Xbox One, and Windows 10. It has also just been announced that the game will be heading to Steam.