Sea of Thieves Update Today (April 15) - Season 2 Patch Notes

Season 2 is officially here!

There’s a brand new update today (April 15) for Sea of Thieves, we’ve put together the full patch notes and all the changes that you’ll find in Season 2 of Sea of Thieves.

If you weren’t already aware, Season 2 of Sea of Thieves begins today. The update will be available as soon as server downtime has completed. In the meantime, check out the official teaser trailer for Season 2 below.

Sea of Thieves Season 2

Sea of Thieves introduced the popular ‘Season’ element to the game earlier this year, now that Season 1 has come to a close, what can players expect from Season 2?

Rare have been very quiet about what’s coming up in the latest Season, but what we do know is there will be a brand new Plunder Pass for players to level up and unlock new loot.

We also know that new emote will be introduced in Season 2, which you can actually check out in the trailer above. Players will now be able to hide in a barrel and sneak aboard ships.

If you want to get your hands on the new emote, you can earn it for free through the new Plunder Pass in Season 2.

Finally, we know that a new mega fort is inbound for Sea of Thieves, called the Fort of Fortune. When a skull appears in the sky, it may now be bright red. If it is, this means that it’s going to be a much bigger challenge, but a greater challenge equals greater rewards.

The Fort of Fortune offers higher rewards and a greater risk, and multiple Skeleton Lords to battle.

More info surrounding Season 2 of Sea of Thieves can be found in the patch notes.

Sea of Thieves April 15 Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes for Sea of Thieves Season 2. Taken from the official Sea of Thieves Website.


The new Season delivers 100 new levels to attain by increasing Renown over the course of the coming weeks! A wide range of Trials and Deeds once again offer boosted progression, helping pirates to make their way through the new rewards at a rate of knots.


Season Two brings new focus to sailing the Sea of Thieves as a Trading Company Emissary. New rewards, access to raw Commodities and the lure of Trade Routes all await – and for those who aren’t Emissaries yet, all the info you need is now available from the Companies!


Fought through so many Skeleton Forts that you no longer fear the challenge? Stand ready when a strange, scarred Skull Cloud announces the awakening of a Fort of Fortune, loaded with powerful foes and Athena’s Treasures for those who can slay them all!


For those seeking something a little more focused than the intentionally wide-ranging Trials, each new Season delivers a new time-limited in-game Event offering its own rewards. Find out what you can expect when the Reapers go on the warpath in Season Two!


With Black Phoenix ship cosmetics among Season Two’s Plunder Pass treasures and the Dark Warsmith collection headlining the Emporium stock, it falls to the Reaper’s Heart Dog and some high-spirited emotes (including the free Thigh Slapper) to lighten the mood this month!

Outpost Cosmetics

Cultured Aristocrat Set

  • The Outpost shipwrights, along with the clothing, equipment and weapon shops, now offer the Cultured Aristocrat set for purchase. Players must obtain the Curse of the Pacifist’s Demise Commendation to unlock access to this set.

Regal Sovereign Set

  • The Outpost clothing shops now stock the Regal Sovereign clothing set, available to purchase for gold.

Legacy Event Cosmetics

  • Previous rewards from the Vault Raiders Event have now been added to the Outpost shops.
  • The Gold Hoarders Weapons can now be found in their respective stores, locked behind Commendations.

Gameplay Improvements

Merchant Resource Crates 

  • The Merchant Alliance now offer pirates the ability to purchase resources directly from Outposts to stock their ships ahead of a long Voyage.
  • Cannonball, Fruit and Wood Crates come filled to the brim and ready to be taken on board.
  • Storage Crates are supplied empty, providing plenty of space for the resources of your choice.
  • Crews are limited in how many Resource and Storage Crates can be purchased, and can only purchase one of each crate from any given Outpost in every three in-game days.

Gold Pouches

  • When defeating Skeleton Captains across the Sea of Thieves, players can now find Gold Pouches left among the debris. These can be collected to award gold to your crew immediately.
  • Skeleton Captains encountered during world events, while hunting bounties and even emergently can all now award Gold Pouches.

World Event Rebalancing

  • The frequency of battles against Ashen Lords and Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet has now been reduced.
  • Skeleton Forts will once again become the most frequently active world events, and their Vaults have been restocked with rewards for raiding crews.
  • The likelihood of being targeted by the Kraken immediately after a previous world event has been reduced.

Skeleton Ship Markers

  • After sinking Skeleton Fleets, the floating loot will have seagulls circling above it to help players find it more easily.

Ship Respawning

  • When losing your ship and using a Mermaid to grant you a new vessel, your crew will now be placed at a greater distance from enemy ships on the seas.


Front End Text Legibility

  • New accessibility options have been added to improve the legibility of text within the front end of the game. 
  • Selecting ‘Disable Centred Text’ within the Accessibility Settings will update the text on the front end buttons text to be left-aligned, while ‘Increase Line Spacing’ will update the front end button text with wider line spacing.

UI Menu Blurring

  • When opening UI menus that overlap, the rear screen will now appear blurred to make the content easier to read.

Fixed Issues


  • Placing treasure on a Rowboat and rowing away from your ship should no longer cause treasure items to become hidden.
  • When receiving an invite from another player on Steam, the invite notification no longer displays the player’s gamertag, but can still be found on the invite menu.
  • Dropping items on moving mechanisms, such as the skeleton cage in ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale, should now cause the item to stay attached rather than floating in mid-air.
  • When unlocking the trap door on the Maiden Voyage, players will no longer discover a stash of Doubloons hidden inside.
  • Crew nameplate icons should now show when other players are attacked by another player or skeleton.

Lost Shipments

  • When progressing through a Lost Shipments Voyage, if a shipwreck is unable to be created for any reason, Merchant Cargo will be surfaced alongside the Manifest out at sea to reward crews for their efforts.
  • Clues discovered on Lost Shipments Voyages should no longer appear blank.

Legend of Glitterbeard

  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck on the door or pushed up in the air and safe-teleported in certain areas. 
  • Corrected text issues in Glitterbeard Journals.
  • Returning to the home location after having begun the sequence will no longer cause it to repeat.


  • Standing on the small ledge on the side of the Galleon should no longer cause the player to launch into the water.
  • Jumping into a set of barrels on a moving Galleon should no longer cause the player to appear outside the hull.
  • Pushing into certain areas of the Brigantine hull while carrying objects should no longer cause the player to appear outside the hull.
  • Players can no longer become stuck in the environment in the Pirate Legend Hideout and appear back in the sea.
  • Players should no longer become stuck and safe-teleport under the terrain during the Maiden Voyage. 
  • Players should no longer be able to be launched up when diving against the pier on the Fort of the Damned.
  • Players should no longer be prevented from interacting with emergent chests at Cannon Cove.
  • Underwater vegetation should no longer be floating above terrain on Plunder Outpost.

Visual and Audio

  • When moving around the Outposts, the glass on various compasses and pocket watches should no longer pop in and out.
  • The Kraken Flag and the Inky Kraken Flag now have different iconography.
  • Drowning air bubbles in water and superheated water should no longer be missing.

Localisation and Text

  • Venomous Kraken items should no longer have missing translations for item titles in non-English languages.
  • During the ‘Shores of Gold’ Tall Tale, the Gold Hoarder’s name should now appear correctly above his head during the final encounter.
  • The Order of Souls Voyage named ‘A Petrifying Conflict with Vicious Vessels’ should no longer be misspelled.
  • The prompt for Glitterbeard’s Journal in Glitterbeard’s Hideout should no longer be missing localisation.
  • All pages of Glitterbeard’s Journal present in Glitterbeard’s Hideout should now be localised in all languages.
  • Glitterbeard’s Beard should no longer be missing Vanity Chest localisation in non-English languages.
  • The prompt for receiving Mysterious Notes should now be localised in non-English languages.
  • Mysterious Notes should no longer contain any missing translation in non-English languages.
  • Tall Tale Quest Books now have improved legibility with Japanese fonts.

Performance and Stability

  • When reaching peak player concurrency, Season notifications for Renown actions and Trial progress should now display more consistently when performing the appropriate action.
  • Players losing their external network connection and being disconnected should no longer experience a black screen when attempting to return to the game.
  • Players disconnecting or being disconnected from their local network should no longer experience a Daffodilbeard error when attempting to return to the game.
  • Further improvements made to server performance, reducing latency during gameplay.

Known Issues

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While improvements continue to be delivered during our content updates, this continues to be a key priority for the team.

More Sea of Thieves

If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest news, leaks, and guides for Sea of Thieves Season 2, then make sure to check back at DualShockers frequently.

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