First Update for Sea of Thieves Focuses on Performance and Bug Fixes

First Update for Sea of Thieves Focuses on Performance and Bug Fixes

Update 1.0.1 for Sea of Thieves implements a slew of bug fixes and performance optimizations to the seafaring adventure game.

Sea of Thieves‘ first update, simply called 1.0.1, is out now focusing on the game’s performance and stability. The full patch notes are available on the game’s website.

Many of the game’s fixed issues range from small indicators like the addition of having seagulls fly over floating barrels to problematic glitches such as the chance of a treasure chest being impossible to pick up and missing items.

A number of technical improvements have been made across all platforms, but is focusing on optimizing performance on the Xbox One X. This includes reduced tearing while aboard the small ship and framerate stability while exploring large islands.

Since this is a full game update, the amount of hard drive space is pretty hefty. Xbox One users will need 9.99 GB while Xbox One X and Windows 10 users will need 18.97 GB and 19.53 GB respectively. Rare assures that the next client update will be much smaller in comparison.

Additionally, the developer announced that a feature discussed in a previous post called Death Cost will not be implemented to Sea of Thieves due to “your passionate feedback.” The feature was to deduct gold from you every time you died; the cost would depend on how avoidable the death was.

Sea of Thieves is available now for Xbox One and PC.