Sea of Thieves DLC Forsaken Shores Delayed to Late September

Sea of Thieves DLC Forsaken Shores Delayed to Late September

Rare has delayed the next DLC for Sea of Thieves called Foresaken Shores that introduces a new region, new environmental dangers, and merchant missions.

Rare has announced Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores has been delayed to September 27, 2018 due to a memory issue causing crashes. This arose after a weekend of testing from players and once Rare discovered that required more time than the original release date for Forsaken Shores afforded.

With this delay, their new goal is to solve this issue and test the fix so that they are confident releasing Forsaken Shores won’t cause any games to crash.

Forsaken Shores is the third DLC for Sea of Thieves and was originally set to be released on September 19. It will introduce a new region named Devil’s Roar that features a volcano and rowboats so players can navigate the deadly water. Players can expect geysers, flying rocks, and boiling hot water surrounding the island. Cargo Runs, a new merchant mission type, has players transport cargo from one place to another. The last DLC was Cursed Sails which released in late July when the game also surpassed five million players.

We appreciate your understanding with this change in our release plans. I know this will be disappointing, but I resolutely believe this is the right decision. We are committed to giving everyone the best Forsaken Shores release experience, and this will enable that.

Thanks to all of our Pioneers for their support in providing valuable feedback and bug reports on Forsaken Shores so far. Alongside helping us gain confidence in the release from a stability perspective, we have been able to make significant tweaks to the gameplay experience as a result of the feedback we’ve received, and it is better for it.