Sea of Thieves Gets New Trailer to Celebrate the Start of the Closed Beta

Sea of Thieves Gets New Trailer to Celebrate the Start of the Closed Beta

The closed beta of Sea of Thieves is opening today (albeit with some hiccups), and Rare released a new trailer to celebrate in the pirate way.

Today Rare and Microsoft released a brand new trailer for its upcoming shared-world adventure game Sea of Thieves. 

The trailer celebrates the opening of the closed beta (pun not intended), and it’s rather funny, showing footage of the game and telling whether you’re in or you’re out depending on your pre-order or whether you were in the technical alpha.

If you’re out, looks like the only way to get into the closed beta is to pre-order the game. Otherwise, you may have to wait until release unless an open beta is announced some time down the line.

Incidentally, the closed beta is having issues at the moment, so the celebration is just a tad premature, but we still get the trailer.

You can enjoy the trailer below. If you want to see more, you can check out a trailer from yesterday, celebrating the inclusion in the game in the Xbox Game Pass, another trailer from a couple of weeks ago,  the latest gameplay from the developersa recent traileranother trailer from last month, more gameplay footage recorded by the developers, one more gameplay trailer, and the panel from New York Comic Con that included the reveal of the Pirate Code. You should also listen to our video interview with Rare Studio Director Craig Duncan.

Sea of Thieves will release for Xbox One and PC on March 20th, 2018.