Sea Of Thieves Already Passed One Million Unique Users; Rare Addresses Launch Issues

Sea Of Thieves Already Passed One Million Unique Users; Rare Addresses Launch Issues

Sea of Thieves has launched very successfully in terms of numbers, but this is causing issues, and Rare is working hard on fixing them.

Sea of Thieves has been out in the wild for a couple of days now if we consider the early opening in New Zealand, an Rare released a video to address some of the launch issues the developers are working on.

First of all, we get some numbers. According to Studio Head Craig Duncan and Executive Producer Joe Neate, the game has already seen over a million unique users in 48 hours, and there have been periods in which over 5,000 players were trying to log in per minute.

This massive concurrency is causing some players to encounter access issues during peak times. One possible temporary workaround for people that are trying to enter the game solo is to try to join a galleon crew instead.

Some server-side fixes have already been implemented. More will come today, and down the line.

There are also delays in receiving rewards and unlocking achievements. If that happens to you, you shouldn’t worry, as they will come, so the developers advise to just keep playing. You shouldn’t try to fix the issue by logging out and back in, as that just exacerbates the concurrency issue. Rare hopes to have a fix for this before the game hits peak time tomorrow.

The delayed achievement issue is actually intentional in order to mitigate the stress on the servers and help with the delays in rewards. It’ll solve itself with time.

A problem has surfaced that causes players not to have access to their items immediately when they log in. This is a bug, and will have to be solved with a client-side patch. The fix is ready and will be implemented with the first update which will probably come early next week.

Last, but not least, there appear to be performance issues in specific areas on Xbox One X. Fixes are incoming, but they will also come with the first client-side update mentioned above.

You can check out the full video below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the recent trailer about “everything you need to know” on the game, another aboutcharacter and ship customization, and another video showing diversity among NPCs and the way players can influence the lore of the title.

Sea of Thieves is currently available for Xbox One and PC.