Sea of Thieves Patch Aims to Fix Frustrating Ship Spawns

Sea of Thieves Patch Aims to Fix Frustrating Ship Spawns

Sea of Thieves players may have noticed that ship-to-ship combat has been hindered by the respawn system, but Rare is attempting to address it.

Sea of Thieves is admittedly a little empty right now, but it feels even more so when the person whose ship you’ve just sunk comes back to bother you five minutes later. Rare is addressing this issue as a part of their latest patch, 1.0.2, which is available now.

Sinking a ship is a difficult feat. It can require subterfuge, good aim, or a combination of both, but it also requires the enemy crew to fail at keeping it afloat. Combined with triumphant audio cues, sinking a ship is meant to feel like a big accomplishment. But players were quickly realizing that crews with nothing to lose would just attack other ships, sink, and race right back to the same spot.

Now, sunken ships will respawn much farther away or “outside of visible view of the ship that sank them,” according to the patch notes.

The change comes as a result of player feedback which claimed that this behavior was akin to “griefing,” and made fighting over a fort more frustrating than it needed to be.

The patch also made some changes to the mermaid teleport, performance, and some fixes for bugs concerning ship geometry, installing the game, and matchmaking.

Sea of Thieves set sail on March 20 for Xbox One and PC via Xbox Play Anywhere. For more swashbuckling news, check out how it became the fastest-selling first-party new IP of the generation here, or read our bootylicious review here. If you want to pick the game up for yourself, you can do so via Amazon.

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