Sea of Thieves Reveals Progression System and Charming Visuals in New Trailer

Sea of Thieves Reveals Progression System and Charming Visuals in New Trailer

Rare showcases the progression system of Sea of Thieves, explaining how players will become pirates of legend in the shared world on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Today Rare released a new trailer for its upcoming shared-world adventure game Sea of Thieves.

The trailer showcases a very important aspect of the game, that has been so far been kept under wraps, the progression system, that will allow players to become “pirates of legend.”


In the game’s world, there are multiple NPCs that are part of different organizations. By completing their objectives, including quests in the form of voyages, you will earn reputation with a trading company.

As your rank progresses, you will receive richer and more challenging voyages, that you can then share with other players. There are no barriers preventing players from doing any voyage, and the crew can vote on which one they want to play.

You can also earn commendations, that will give you special titles.

We also hear about the trading companies. The Gold Hoarders are treasure hunters, so you gain reputation with them by finding lost treasure, and they will give you voyages focusing on that.

The Merchant Alliance is all about finding supplies (including rare animals) and shipping resources across the sea. The order of souls will ask you to hunt for infamous skeleton crew and captains, giving combat-focused challenges.

Some of those crews are found in forts, that require “daring raids” to be overcome.

You can check out the new trailer below. If you want to see more of the game, you can also enjoy the latest trailera recent gameplay video recorded by the developers, a recent gameplay trailer the previous trailer showing the latest content update, and the panel from New York Comic Con with the reveal of the Pirate Code. You should also take a look at our video interview with Rare Studio Director Craig Duncan.


Sea of Thieves game will launch for Xbox One and PC on March 20th, 2018