Seabed Prelude: a VR Underwater Journey That Wants to Teach You Music

Seabed Prelude is a musical VR experience that aims to tell a mysterious and dark tale while teaching players about a pipe organ.

on February 13, 2017 9:38 PM

In its most recent project, developer MythicOwl has taken it upon itself to create a game that submerges players into its underwater setting, as well as into the technicalities of music.

Seabed Prelude is a VR title developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, in which players find themselves exploring the underwater cities of a post-apocalyptic world. As the captain of a bathyscaphe (think old-timey submarine), players will venture deeper into forgotten ruins with the power of a mighty pipe organ. As players progress, the game aims to “tangentially” illustrate the inner-workings of the mighty instrument the captain wields, and to unfold a dark plot.


In a statement, CEO of MythicOwl Tomasz Mularczyk explained the game’s primary intentions.

“We’ve had an itch, to mix an underwater VR experience with music since the first time we saw modern VR. Seabed Prelude immerses players in a beautiful underwater world as they ‘play’ their way from station to station to unravel a mystery, simultaneously learning to read music as their journey progresses.”

Seabed Prelude will launch on February 24 for $7.99, and will utilize VR Touch controls.

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