Season, a Game About Exploring and Discovery, Receives a Beautiful Trailer

Season, a Game About Exploring and Discovery, Receives a Beautiful Trailer

Season is a new PS5 game that offers the player exploration and adventure.

Season, a PlayStation 5 exclusive from Scavengers Studio announced during the Game Awards 2020, looks astoundingly beautiful. It’s certainly one of those trailers that makes you want to dive straight into its gameplay and learn more but, unfortunately, there’s no release window as yet. Season comes from the same small indie studio whose previous title was the free-to-play battle royale game Darwin ProjectThis time, players will slip into a meditation-like gameplay that’s crying out to be explored.

The game is a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game in which players get the chance to peer through the eyes of a young woman from a secluded community. As you explore your surroundings and take in the incredible artstyle incorporated around every turn, players will also be able to collect artifacts and memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes away the world. Although the trailer is quite short, it certainly gives off a Journey vibe that can only ever be a good thing due to the game’s critically acclaimed visuals and moving score.

In the trailer, we see the young woman riding around on her bike, stopping to record the buzzing of a dragonfly before hopping back on her bike as she brushes through the swaying grass. While picking up a camcorder to record a type of monkey, the narrator softly says: Our grandparents lived for a thousand years. And our parents had a century to themselves. But us? We have one season.” Finalizing the gorgeous trailer, we see the woman again but this time she is flipping through the pages of her journal and we get to witness a little taste of the cultural exploration she has encountered.

I’m excited to know more about Season and since we don’t have a release date yet, I’m certain that we will hear even more on the run-up to its launch. All that we know for now is that it will release on the PlayStation 5.