Second Killing Floor 2 Developer Diary is All About Gore

October 9, 2014

Today, developer Tripwire Interactive revealed the second entry in its developer diary for their new PC shooter, Killing Floor 2. While the first entry went into detail on all of the animation and design for the Zed creatures, the second entry titled “THE GORE Part 1” explains all of the juicy bits behind the violence of the game.

In the new installment, the development team talks about the three essential pillars of Killing Floor 2‘s development – Bullets, Blades and Blood. With a new gore system called the M.E.A.T. system (Massive Evisceration And Trauma) players can experience a dynamic system full of blood and dismemberment. There are 22 spots on a characters blood that can be blown off, quadrupling the five spots available on models in the original Killing Floor already and the game isn’t even done yet.


One of my favorite cult hit PC games that I’ve played regularly in the past five years, it’s great to see all the work being done to make a truly spectacular sequel to the co-op horde survival game. I can’t wait to use the M.E.A.T. system to litter the map with Zed intestines and chunks of body parts with a bunch of my friends. Checkout the video below for all the gory details and expect Killing Floor 2 to come to PC at some point in 2015.

Andrew Matt

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