Second Nintendo NX Controller Also Revealed as a Fake

on March 25, 2016 10:44 AM

To little surprise, the second “leaked NX controller” making the video game website circuit has also been confirmed as fake. News follows yesterday’s reveal that the first of these elliptical-shaped controllers was merely an elaborate hoax by someone with a lot of free time, access to Photoshop, and ordinary knowledge of Nintendo’s previous patents. The second leak — pictured in the feature image above — was posted the day after on Reddit, gaining the attention of NeoGAF and other gaming sites.

Earlier today, YouTuber Frank Sandqvist revealed that this was his own creation in a video (found below). After seeing the first false reveal, he decided to play along with the internet’s fascination with leaked content by 3D printing a nearly exact copy of the first-leaked controller. According to Sandqvist, he also took inspiration from previous Nintendo development kits, by including the “CONFIDENTIAL” labels that many people recognized as fake.

As we have mentioned previously, lids are quite tight when it comes to Nintendo and their development kits. When a “leak” comes out and it matches a patent to the T, it deserves to be viewed with a heavy amount of skepticism. Clearly, some very talented people on the internet just like to rile up hopeful fans. Not that the “leak” didn’t make for a good laugh or two:

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