Secret World Legends Gets an ARG Side-Experience One Week Ahead of Launch

One week before Funcom's Secret World Legends releases, the company delivers an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that will unlock exclusive content in the upcoming title.

Not so long ago, we learned that the MMO title The Secret World would be returning in the form of a shared-world RPG free-to-play reboot titled Secret World Legends. The game is scheduled to release on June 26, but developer Funcom has a little more up its sleeve before that happens.

With only one week to go before Secret World Legends launches, Funcom has announced the release of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) titled Kiss of the Revenant, which requires players to solve “intricate puzzles and mysteries” in order to learn more about “a tragic love story on the Savage Coast.”

Funcom has noted that for players who “decipher and perform a ritual” in Kiss of the Revenant, an exclusive set of weapons will be unlocked for use in Secret World Legends.

Funcom and games studio Alice & Smith partnered together in order to bring this ARG experience to life. According to Funcom Game Director Romain Amiel, the release of Kiss of the Revenant is intended to feel like the ARGs that the company released in The Secret World’s early days.

“We wanted to give fans an opportunity to experience that excitement again, and it is really the perfect way to get into the spirit of the Secret World universe as we enter the final days before launch.”

Kiss of the Revenant is currently available on its own dedicated website. Secret World Legends will release on Steam on June 26. For more information on Secret World Legends, check out the game’s Steam page or official website.

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