Secret World Legends Free Update The Orochi Tower Releases for Third and Final Tokyo Storyline Piece

Funcom's Secret World Legends introduces a new, free content update called The Orochi Tower, bringing the game up-to-date with The Secret World's plot.

October 12, 2017

Back in August, Funcom released a major patch for its shared-world action RPG Secret World Legends, introducing Tokyo: Back to the Beginning, the first in a series of three pieces of new content that would connect Secret World Legends‘ story to the original The Secret World‘s. Since then, players have explored Tokyo and learned of the dark secrets that reside there. Still, something always loomed overhead, inaccessible until now: The Orochi Tower.

In the free The Orochi Tower update, players will gain access to the headquarters of the eight-headed serpent itself. By climbing (and fighting) through the tower, floor by floor, you will learn more about the Orochi Corporation. Once you finally complete all 20 floors and reach the top of the tower, you will know the corporation’s darkest secrets, and Secret World Legends story will finally be linked to The Secret Worlds‘.


Secret World Legends is the free-to-play shared-world RPG that continues where the MMORPG The Secret World left off. In it, you will explore an underground fantasy world that mirrors our own. However, dark secrets lie in this alternate world only showing themselves to most through myth and legend.

Secret World Legends is currently available on PC. For more information on the game, you should visit its official website or its Steam page. Below is a new trailer for The Orochi Tower, showing just a bit of the story that you can expect from the climb upward.

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