Secret World Legends Update Roadmap Outlined; Developers Encouraged by the Game's "Initial Success"

Developer Funcom believes Secret World Legends has received a "very good" pre-Steam launch and provides details for continued support.

July 7, 2017

Independent developer and publisher Funcom announced today that its revival of the Secret World universe has found some early success with Secret World Legends‘ initial launch. The team says it is looking forward to the game’s Steam launch later this month, but that there is so much more that fans can expect from the game over the course of the next year.

It comes as no secret that Funcom plans to support its newest endeavor back into The Secret World, but it is nonetheless encouraging to learn that the team has some detailed plans for how the game will progress into 2018. In addition to some holiday events and the continuation of the game’s story mission, the Update Roadmap provided by Funcom indicates that Secret World Legends‘ first raid will be released in September. For a full list of updates that are still to come to Secret World Legends, you can find Funcom’s Update Roadmap on the game’s official website.


Funcom CEO Rui Casais has also noted on the game’s pre-Steam launch, indicating that even before that July 31 release, Secret World Legends has brought the series back in a big way for old fans and new ones alike.

“This reboot is as much for the fans as it is for new players. This is our gamble, our best bet and our best effort, at making sure the Secret World universe can live on and hopefully even become something bigger and better than it was.

“It is still early, but we are very encouraged by the initial success of Secret World Legends these past two weeks. It has been years since we last saw a surge of player activity like this in the Secret World universe and it is a very good start leading up to Steam launch July 31st.”

Available now as a free-to-play title, Secret World Legends features 100 hours of story-driven gameplay that can be played alone, with friends, or just with strangers in its online world. It tells a dark tale about the supernatural underworld that exists within our reality, a place where myth and legend are more than just stories. They are the shadows of our realm that now threaten to destroy the world.

Recently, an ARG experience was released, allowing players to unlock an exclusive set of weapons in Secret World Legends.

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