Secret World Legends Gets First Major Update to Tell The Secret World’s Tokyo Story

Secret World Legends Gets First Major Update to Tell The Secret World’s Tokyo Story

Funcom has announced the release of its first of three major Secret World Legends updates, Tokyo: Back to the Beginning.

The free-to-play role-playing game Secret World Legends released back on June 26, bringing with it the revival of The Secret World franchise in the form of a shared-world RPG. Today, Funcom announced an update to Secret World Legends, introducing a major content injection.

If you’ve been following Secret World Legends’ progression, then you know that its developer and publisher have considered its early success promising. In keeping with its Update Roadmap, we have now received the first of three major updates coming to the game: Tokyo: Back to the Beginning.

In Tokyo: Back to the Beginning, Secret World Legends’ gets an expansion in both enemies and a story that is based on Japanese folklore. According to Funcom, this is one of the first steps the game will take towards connecting with where the original The Secret World left off. Executive Producer Scott Junior explains that this update isn’t just for new fans of the franchise, but also promises more for veterans.

Secret World Legends has opened up the game to an entirely new audience who will experience the Tokyo storyline for the very first time. But there is much more to come, and we especially want our veteran players to know that as the storyline of The Secret World ends, the storyline of Secret World Legends is about to start. This winter, a brand new story will be revealed. Players will get to go to new locations, meet new characters, and experience adventures they never have before.”

If you haven’t played Secret World Legends or you haven’t heard of it until now, it is a free-to-play shared-world RPG with over 100 hours of story-driven content playable with friends or strangers. In it, will explore a fantasy world that echoes our own, but with dark secrets steeped in myth and legend.

Recently, Funcom announced that The Secret World would be made into a television series in production under Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil and G4C Innovations’ Godrun Giddings.