The Secret World Receives Massive PvP Update

on November 13, 2012 8:24 PM

The Secret World is receiving a “massive update” to their PvP as several “enhancements” go live in the upcoming 1.4 update.

With input from both The Secret World team and from dedicated PvP players, developer Funcom is looking to make combat in the game more robust and rewarding.

Some of the updates mentioned:

The Fusang Projects

The Fusang Projects warzone will reward players every 3 minutes for simply being inside contested areas and how many objectives their societies hold. Being in the home bases earn no rewards; doing PvP missions no longer earn black marks.

New Currency

Speaking of marks, due to the abundance the White Marks of Venice, and a lack of the players earning them through PvP, Funcom is wiping out all of  White Marks due to an overhaul of the economy in The Secret World. Instead, the update will make 100 white marks equal 1 black mark, creating a tier within the currency system and allowing rewards that cost less than 1 black mark.

The Underdogs

To keep the Fusang Projects fun even when overwhelmed or outnumbered, Funcom will be creating a new PvP mission called “The Underdogs” that unlocks when a society hasn’t gained a significant amount of rewards. If the society manages to complete it, it will create a powerful Custodian who patrols around Fusang, helps players fight their enemies, and has a healing aura for players on its side. The Custodians will be extremely difficult to take down, helping the underdogs to turn the tide in their favor.


Matchmaking has been tweaked to be less “fine-grained,” to prevent players from not being matched for too long. Because of this, PvP levels will be wiped clean after the 1.4 update, and players can be matched with anyone. As players win and lose mini-games, their rank will build properly, and provide a better matchmaking tool than before.

For more information on the upcoming PvP changes, read the full post at Funcom’s The Secret World blog, and as always, stay tuned to DualShockers for more information.

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