Section 8 -- An Improved Shooter -- Comes to PlayStation 3

By Jon Ireson

March 25, 2010

Developed by TimeGate, Section 8 has met mixed reviews in the press and gamer community, but that may all be about to change. Today with the release of the PlayStation 3 version of this gravity-defying, hyper-speed, multiplayer first person shooter, gamers can expect to see some tweaks made that should provide for a nice pick up and kill experience. Just to get the ball rolling, yes there will be better graphics. Read on for the full details about this game and what has been improved.

The Sci-fi shooter Section 8 is often referred to as a Tribes-esque or Halo-esque game, but there are some features it has that are definitely worth mentioning beyond this quick observation of presentation. The game features “burn-in” spawning, what this means is that you will be in control of where you spawn on the battlefield. No more spawning right in front of a half-asleep camper, or right into the crossfire of two opposing shooters. Beyond this dynamic objectives and custom load-outs give this game a streamlined feel that sound very intuitive to the game play.

The PlayStation 3 edition will sport better graphics thanks to extra development time and rich higher resolution textures, compared to the Xbox 360 version released last September. There will also be a promising new matchmaking system that should get gamers together quick. For those shooter fans out there who love a little more control than matchmaking however, TimeGate has got you covered! Through the TGNServer technology obtainable on FilePlanet, players will be able to host 32 player servers for the PlayStation 3 from their PC!

With so many improvements, will this game be worth the $29.99 when it releases for download through the PlayStation Store today? I am keeping my mind open about this even though many people are dismissing the possibility the game could be worth playing. I am giving this game a fair chance as a pick up and kill experience, so far it sounds decent. For more information on this title head over to the official Section 8 website and be sure to stay tuned to DualShockers as PAX East 2010 and the MLG Combine heat things up for March!

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