Section 8 Behind The Scenes Video

Here is a brand new video of Section 8 an original Ip from developers Timegate Studios and publishers SouthPeak Interactive. It is a futuristic FPS where the main protagonist, Alex Corde is suited up in an armour that provides him  with regenerative health capabilities and the allows for the absorption of enemy damage. Where have I seen this concept before? It has a new feature called “burning in” where you essentially sky dive off of a ship in the atmosphere (A La Star Trek) and into the battle, instead of the traditional respawn. This allows the player to pick a spot on the map and land there, right back into the action. This game is set to release for both the XBOX 360 and Games for Windows platforms. I can’t wait to “Jump In” (pun intended).

Speaking of jumping, how about hitting the jump to check out this behind the scenes story clip from the creators!

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