Section 8 Intel on Dynamic Combat Missions

Section 8 Intel on Dynamic Combat Missions

SouthPeak sent us word of a new video for their latest creation Section 8.

SouthPeak is pleased to unveil the latest behind the scenes video for its upcoming intense multiplayer FPS, Section 8. This is the third part of a series of trailers from TimeGate Studios that give gamers an in-depth look at the futuristic shooter aiming to evolve the genre.

In this latest video, the team at TimeGate give a detailed look at Dynamic Combat Missions, dubbed DCMs. These are on-the-fly missions that dramatically alter the flow of combat and ensure that no multiplayer match ever plays out quite the same. Whether it’s escorting a VIP across the battlefield or planting a bomb into the enemy’s base, teams must make sure they work together to complete the mission and score vital points.

The game looks visually great and reminds me of playing Tribes back in the day. I like the DCM system and how it is random, which gives each game a different feel. Also the ability to call down turrets to help on offense and defense will lead to some nice strategies that can make or break a game. Enjoy.

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