See CommanderVideo in Action in the Runner3 Pre-Launch Trailer

CommanderVideo and his friends have to stop the Timbletot once again in Runner3 on the Nintendo Switch and PC, releases May 22.

Once declared as a Nintendo Exclusive, Runner3 will dash its way onto the Steam and Nintendo Switch platforms on May 22, 2018. On top of that according to the Runner3’s website, there will be Xbox One and PS4 versions coming soon after.

The Timbletot is trying to mess with the happiness through the entire multiverse once again, and it’s up to CommanderVideo and his weird friends to run into action. Follow the beat of the music and collect gold bars while hopping over painful traps and enemies. Utilize the double-jump, wall-jump, and ground-pounding abilities, and even show off those sick dance moves.

Don’t forget to collect the premium gems, as they will allow you to buy fabulous items in the game’s shop. Gold is also a spendable commodity, but does not carry the same level of bling as the shining gems. You can use this currency to add capes and other accessories to CommanderVideo and his goofy group.

If you are wanting a physical copy of Runner3, then you may want to consider pre-ordering the game. There are limited copies available, but it does come with extra items. With this you will receive a custom sleeve, a keychain of CommanderVideo, a light up visor, instruction manual, and of course, the cartridge.

Runner3 is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be ready to play on May 22 for Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC. As stated before, Xbox One and PS4 users can expect to see Runner3 on their consoles sometime soon after. Want to see more on Runner3? Then check out the pre-launch trailer below:

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