See How Some Items Work in Skyward Sword

See How Some Items Work in Skyward Sword

Even though the next entry in the Iwata Asks series of articles hasn’t been translated from the Nintendo head honcho’s native Japanese, you don’t need to understand Satoru Iwata in order to be seduced by this new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword video.

The clip contains spoilers on the mechanics of certain items, so if you want to stay pure for the game’s Nov. 20 release, make sure you don’t go beyond the jump. It’s all fun and games until the Internet is furious with you, just ask Kotaku.

Now that you’re safely past the jump,  take a look at the video below and meet me on the other side if you’re ready for some spoilers.

Still with me? Let’s discuss.

It looks like Skyward Sword is taking its love of shields one step further by adding an enemy moblin, by the looks of it whom you defeat by climbing his shield.

Remember how annoying it was to precision-throw bombs in places like Dodongo’s Cavern in Ocarina of Time or Dragon Roost Isle in Wind Waker? Well, it looks like Skyward Sword will show us the trajectory of bombs, whether thrown or rolled, so you no longer need worry about where those explosives will end up.

Another bomb-related observation: You can pocket the bomb flowers now! That feature would certainly come in handy in obtaining a certain heart piece in Ocarina of Time’s Goron City.

While the inclusion of a whip-like item isn’t news, it’s still pretty fun to watch the thing in action. After all, rope-swinging was one of the most fun aspects of Wind Waker but was noticeably  and sadly  absent from Twilight Princess.