See if You’re Lucky Enough to Get Fable II for Free on XBLA

on October 15, 2010 10:30 PM

See if You're Lucky Enough to Get Fable II for Free on XBLA

Today seemed to be the lucky day of many who are able to download Fable II from the Fable II is regularly $19.99, but for some reason is now available for free on the site. But some people aren’t getting so lucky, as they are claiming that this deal isn’t working for them.

I personally tried it and was unsuccessful in downloading it for free. Others are saying that this isn’t the full game, but rather Episode I. Kotaku and Destructoid have both reported that this is the full game, and that they have people downloading it without any problems. As you can imagine, many people have taken to Twitter to ask Microsoft about this ordeal, and it seems all they have to say is “we don’t have any information on that.” The only thing can can be confirmed is that you won’t get banned from downloading the free game. Phew!

So if you’re interested in seeing if this works for you, go to the site and see if you’re one of the lucky people who can get your hands on Fable II.

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