See Just who is the Deadliest Warrior in This CHIVALRY: Deadliest Warrior Video

See Just who is the Deadliest Warrior in This CHIVALRY: Deadliest Warrior Video

A samurai, spartan and a knight walk into a bar.

Torn Banner Studios released some more details of their upcoming beheadfest, CHIVALRY: Deadliest Warrior. For the uninitiatedCHIVALRY: Deadliest Warrior is an online team based warfare game with a strong emphasis on using tools of decapitation to defeat your foes.

This expansion adds a number of new factions to fight against  each other along with some new maps. Below is list of what to expect for your $14.99 expansion pack!

Mixed Team Death Match
Mix and match warriors to create extraordinary teams and unique battle situations with up 64 players on the battlefield at once.
Faction Battle: Set up grudge matches between two warrior factions with only one warrior type per team. Players vote on the scenario for the next battle at the end of each match.
Warrior Duel: Select your warrior and challenge a single enemy to one-on-one combat in this comprehensive duel mode.
Free for All: Fight for your own glory in a free-for-all where warrior fends for themselves. No teams. No alliances. Full-on mayhem.
Custom Battles: Server side options allowing you to create custom battles with any number of teams and any number of factions or mixed teams allowed.
Mode Customization
Multi-Team: Add more chaos to every game mode, with up 6 teams competing for victory in a single match.
Capture the Flag: Add this mini-game to modes to slash your way to victory while trying to steal the flag and plant it in the enemy’s base.
Elimination: Remove the ability to re-spawn, raising the stakes of each battle.
Leaderboards and Stats
Track the best players in the online community and monitor personal stats, including number of kills, most successful warriors and most effective weapons. Compete for glory on the globally ranked leaderboards that reflect weekly and all-time stats and enable players to determine who is deadliest.
Stunning New Environments
Go to battle in six all-new expansive environments.  Each new map immerses you in surroundings authentic to each warrior’s origins.

CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare just celebrated its millionth download a while back. It was certainly one of the biggest surprise successes on PC last year.

I can’t wait use my spear wielding Spartan against some samurai archer scum. Don’t forget that this an expansion so you’ll need a copy CHIVALRY: Medieval Warfare installed on your PC before you can dismember people. It’s almost always on sale so there is no reason not to own a copy.

CHIVALRY: Deadliest Warrior will playable at PAX Prime this weekend. You can also expect a PC beta sometime this Fall.