See Mighty No. 9’s PAX Reveal and Manami Matsumae Play the Theme; Mighty No. 5 Debuts

See Mighty No. 9’s PAX Reveal and Manami Matsumae Play the Theme; Mighty No. 5 Debuts

Two new updates for Mighty No. 9 showcases some exciting info. The first update reveals the design for Mighty No. 5, one of the bosses that Becker must battle in the game, as well as an intro to the development team’s character design process. The second one features a video of the PAX reveal and a video with the solo of the main theme by Manami Matsumae, the composer of the first Mega Man game and current composer for Mighty No. 9.

In the first update, we get a look at Mighty No. 5, one of the game’s bosses, and find out the creative process behind the bosses’ designs from project director Koji Imaeda. According to Imaeda, the design process begins by gathering concepts from the staff on the eight bosses. From there, the silhouettes are created and profiles are established. Each profile details the Mighty No.’s weapons, types of stages they’ll inhabit, what weapons they’re weak against and other basic background info. From there, the brainstorming process continues and we start to see some finalized drafts. The end result? It’s this:

Mighty No. 9 (26)

The second update features the PAX reveal of Mighty No. 9. We also get a little teaser for next weeks update: Manami Matsumae playing a beautiful piano solo of the game’s main theme theme. Both videos can be found below, along with a gallery of the concept art.

Finally, there are two (it seems two is the magic number in this update) new digital reward tiers, the $60 tier and the $80 tier with beta access.

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