See the Game-play Concepts of Potential Skullgirls DLC Fighters in Action

By Kenneth Richardson

April 2, 2013

As Lab Zero revealed the potential DLC fighters for Skullgirls during the recent fundraiser, they also revealed a bit of information about each character’s game-play mechanics. Because many of those mechanics seem somewhat complex or confusing (take Issac’s, for example) the development team has began releasing a series of videos demonstrating these interesting new game-play concepts.

These videos don’t feature the new fighters themselves but instead they feature characters already in the game and very rough, unpolished versions of the mechanics, designed only to demonstrate how the potential newcomers will fight if they are selected by fans to be added to the game. Notice how Feng will be able to use the birds in her hair to augment her jump arcs in terrifying ways (this mechanic reminds me of BlazBlue‘s Bang Shishigami) or how Molly will be able to make the point character more effective when used as an assist.

So far, video demonstrations have only been released for Molly, Scythana, Eliza, Isaac and Feng, but hopefully the team will have released a video for each of the potential characters before the first round of voting is completed (otherwise it seems a bit unfair to the characters who don’t receive demo videos). Find these videos below.

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