Watch the New PS3 Unboxed

Watch the New PS3 Unboxed

The new PS3 ultralight has been released today and Sony Computer Entertainment released a video showing the unboxing of the new bundle that comes with the smallest member of the family.

The bundle includes your usual essentials (video cable, DualShock 3 and power cord), a copy of Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition, a voucher for DUST 514 and a free one month membership to PlayStation Plus for 269 bucks.

While some have been grumbling for the lack of a price drop, can’t say that the bundle isn’t a sweet deal, especially considering that it includes one of the best past games for the consoles with most of its DLC, credit for one of the most interesting upcoming ones, and quite a lot of games coming with PS Plus, to keep new users busy at least for the first month. That  brings down the price of the console itself  below 200 bucks.

Oh, of course I forgot the new guide booklet… how could I? ’cause a lot of people are gonna read that, I’m sure…

I’m not exactly sure about the new “tinfoil” disc tray being the “favorite part”, but you can judge by yourself by watching the video below.