See Your Ugly Face in Resistance 3

By Kyle Durant

March 8, 2011

Ever want to see yourself in a video game for self-satisfaction or bragging rights? Well Insomniac Games is giving you the chance with their upcoming sequel, Resistance 3. You won’t play a major role in the game so don’t get all high and mighty yet. You will appear as a random survivor who will or will not appear more than once. You still interested? Good, check after the break for details on this opportunity.

The contest consists of creativity more than luck. So all you artists out there may have your video game debut happen a lot sooner than you thought. Simply upload a photo of yourself (at the source link below) looking like you are partaking or partook in a Resistance themed battle. It is also mentioned that using props is a plus! Then simply fill in a short detail sheet and tell Insomniac why you deserve to be among the RE3 survivors (at the source link below).

A very important detail of this contest is it ends March 11th…or better known as this Friday. One lucky winner will then be announced by Insomniac Games and will receive an all-expense paid trip to San Diego and have their face scanned into development. You’ll also get to meet the Insomniac Games staff. If any of our dear readers manage to win this contest, I will do something special for you. What that is isn’t known at this time but it will be something! Good luck!


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