Phantasy Star for Switch Launches on December 13 Overseas, OutRun on November 29 in Japan

Sega Ages Phantasy Star launches on December 13 in America. Sega Ages OutRun will be available on the Japanese Nintendo Eshop on November 29.

Here are the latest updates on the Sega Ages games coming to Switch. First off, Sega of America announced Sega Ages Phantasy Star will be available on the American Nintendo Eshop on December 13.

As we previously detailed, Sega Ages Phantasy Star’s Switch version includes brand new additions like an automap function, a speed-up function, a mode with more experience, money and reduced encounter rate, and an encyclopedia for monsters, items, and skills. As I played the Japanese version, already available on the Japanese Eshop, I strongly recommend using these, as it’ll make your game experience much more pleasant and much less time-consuming.

Meanwhile, Sega Ages OutRun will be available on the Japanese Eshop starting November 29. The game will run in 60FPS and will support “wide-screen” display. It’ll also feature the bonus BGMs already found in the 3DS version: “Cruising Line” and “Camino a Mi Amor”. Some of the BGMs from past OutRun games, like “Step on Beat” and “Radiation”, will also receive a newly arranged version. The game can also be played with motion controls by handling the Joycon like a wheel.

Sega Ages developers along with Phantasy Star‘s Rieko Kodama recently discussed Phantasy Star‘s development, the new additions in the Switch version and multiple other Sega Ages games coming to Switch. As the interview followed the announcement of Virtual-On games coming for PS4, they also discussed whether Virtual-On games could be coming to Switch or not, and what kind of Dreamcast games might be coming. You can read all about it here.

Here’s a list of all Sega Ages games coming to Switch revealed so far: Sonic the Hedgehog, Gain Ground, Thunder Force AC, Thunder Force IV, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Space Harrier, Columns II,  Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Virtua Racing.

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