SEGA Agrees, MadWorld Would Have Been Better on HD Consoles

Because there are so many Nintendo Wiis in homes around the world, a Wii exclusive game is a pretty good idea. You’ve got access to a bigger market than the PS3 gamers and the Xbox 360 gamers combined. However, because of the Wii’s particular target audience, sometimes games come to the Wii that have no business on the console.

MadWorld, from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games and SEGA is one of those games. The risky rated M title featured brutally violent game play, adult themes and buckets of blood and gore. While it was critically acclaimed, it contrasted too sharply with the Wii’s target audience and it was a commercial flop. Alan Pritchard, VP of sales and marketing at SEGA, confesses that while they meant good, they may have chose the wrong console for the game:

“Going back 12 to 18 months when we released those titles, it was a risk; Nintendo was supportive of the strategy. There was intent to take the Wii console a little older, and make a more core machine. So games like MadWorld, House of the Dead and The Conduit fit that strategy. House of the Dead is a more established and casual franchise and that did very well. It was a huge risk that we really believed in at the time, but the title did not sell well. Was it on the wrong platform? I don’t know. Would it have done better on 360 or PS3? Possibly”

He seems to remain uncertain about whether or not they made the right decision. I believe that they definitely did. Hope may not be lost for the game or HD console gamers however. No More Heroes, a once Wii exclusive series, is coming to the PS3. Perhaps MadWorld will do the same, and possibly achieve sales success.

[CVG via Game Informer]

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