SEGA Announces Their Awesome PAX Lineup

on August 13, 2011 1:00 PM

In an apparent effort to make me even more jealous of everyone who gets to go to PAX Prime in Seattle this month, SEGA just announced the list of awesome games that they are going to be bringing to the celebration of gamers.

Located in Booth 3625, the highlight of the booth, at least for me, is a first glimpse look at Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is apparently playable.  In addition to Colonial Marines they are also bringing several other good looking titles with them, all of which are playable.

  • Binary Domain
  • Renegade Ops
  • Rise of Nightmares
  • Shinobi
  • Sonic Generations
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut

Finally, to further make me jealous, SEGA is also throwing an arcade event at GameWorks.  This party is open to the gaming public (and the regular public who just aren’t as much fun) and will go from 6PM on Saturday, August 27 and will go until 12AM that night.

Scott just graduated from Law School. But he didn't let that stop him from gaming, a hobby that he has stuck with ever since he received his NES at age 5. His favorites are Metal Gear Solid, OutRun, Half-Life, Deus Ex, Ratchet and Clank and most recently, the Mass Effect series.