Sega Brings a Sequel to the 30-year-old Zaxxon to Mobile Devices

Time for a history lesson, kids. In 1982, Sega released the first game featuring isometric graphics. The game, titled Zaxxon, featured a fighter craft as it flew through an enemy fortress, shooting down enemy craft, missiles, and the like. The goal was to down as many targets without getting blown out of the sky yourself or running out of fuel. All in all, not a bad game for its day and time.

Thirty years later, Sega has decided to bring it back with a sequel for the App Store and Google Play. It… looks nothing like the original, which I guess stands to reason considering the platform. In Zaxxon escape, you control an aircraft as it attempts to, as the name suggests, escape from an enemy fortress. Tilt to maneuver, swipe to turn, and tap to shoot until you gain access to warp speed to escape the fortress. It’s spacecraft temple run, there are worse things they could have done with the franchise, I suppose. Trailer is below.

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Paul LaCen

I'm a twenty-seven year old video game design student from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. If I'm not working or doing schoolwork, I can typically be found on Xbox Live under the name "Red Ring Ryko". I am thoroughly enamored with video games as a means of interactive expression, and am fully dedicated to bolstering the legitimacy of the medium and its culture.

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