SEGA Comments on Lack of Double-Sided Box Art with Xbox One Copies of Sonic Mania Plus

SEGA Comments on Lack of Double-Sided Box Art with Xbox One Copies of Sonic Mania Plus

The physical edition of Sonic Mania Plus was supposed to come with double-sided art but some purchasers on Xbox One have found it missing entirely.

Sonic Mania Plus released earlier this week and one of the special things about this edition of the game is that it would see a physical release which included all kinds of goodies.

One of those special inclusions with the physical edition of the game is that it would have double-sided box art. The main side of Sonic Mania Plus would boast the standard design which you’ve likely seen already, with the other side being a new piece of art that was meant to harken back to the days of Sega Genesis covers. You can see this reverse image in the header image at the top of the page — it’s really cool.


Unfortunately for some purchasers picking up the Xbox One version of Sonic Mania Plus, this Genesis-style art wasn’t anywhere to be found on the flip-side. We reached out to SEGA and asked them about whether or not they were aware of this issue and what those who have been plagued by the error could do.

Speaking exclusively to DualShockers, SEGA told us the following:

“We’ve found that some copies of SonicMania Plus on Xbox One have an issue with their double-sided Genesis coversheet being blank on one side. Anyone affected can email their name, address and country of purchase to have a replacement coversheet automatically shipped out at no additional charge.”

If you’ve been affected by this problem yourself, reach out to that email address as SEGA advised and hopefully you can get a new piece of art sent to you in a timely manner. While Xbox One players seem to be the only ones affected so far, if you have the same issue when purchasing Sonic Mania Plus on another platform, you could likely reach out to the same address as well to have your issue rectified.

Sonic Mania Plus is now available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. For more on the game, be sure to check out our review.