SEGA Responds to Criticism of SEGA Forever Mobile Launch Issues; “Working to Improve on Quality”

SEGA Responds to Criticism of SEGA Forever Mobile Launch Issues; “Working to Improve on Quality”

Following the launch of its SEGA Forever titles last week, the company responded to fan criticisms that it will improve on some of the titles' quality.

After several weeks of teasing, SEGA unveiled its “SEGA Forever” line of classic titles that are now available as free-to-play experiences on mobile devices, and while some of those titles got off to a rocky start, the company assured it is working to address some of fans’ concerns.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, SEGA chief marketing office Mike Evans provided some insight into the launch of the mobile platform and addressed some concerns from fans regarding the releases. Specifically, one of the biggest critiques of SEGA Forever since its launch last week has been the poor performance and emulation of the titles released, with the titles being supported/run by an emulation through Unity, where other solutions – such as Libretto’s RetroArch emulator – have shown great results in providing quality emulation of these titles in the past.

Specifically, some of those issues have included controls with poor input lag, out of sync audio, and choppy framerates, despite the considerably more capable harder that mobile phones can provide nowadays than during the heyday of SEGA’s consoles.

Evans explained that the “fragmentation” of mobile played a part in the inconsistency of the mobile launches, though added that issues are largely coming from “a small proportion” of players on mobile. In particular, Evans addressed that Unity was used for the mobile ports in order to “bring these games to the largest audience possible,” and responded to RetroArch’s comments on the matter in that it is under a public license, and could not be used by SEGA in accordance with rights within the games and corporate policy.

Ultimately, Evans recognized that while the launch of SEGA Forever was a bit bumpier than expected, he stated that “we’re continually working to improve on quality” in regard to the mobile releases and will work towards addressing fans’ concerns.