Sonic and Altered Beast are Now in VR Thanks to SEGA Genesis Classics Free PS VR Update

Sonic and Altered Beast are Now in VR Thanks to SEGA Genesis Classics Free PS VR Update

SEGA Genesis Classics gets a free update to allow for PlayStation VR support across its entire catalog of classic retro games.

Back in the 1990’s gamers were led to believe that virtual reality was the future, and that said future was coming down the tracks fast! It turns out that it would take about a quarter of a century longer than expected, but it’s now possible to experience your favorite old school SEGA titles in VR.

SEGA has released a free update for the PlayStation 4 edition of SEGA Genesis Classics allowing for PS VR support. The announcement came yesterday via the developer’s official Twitter page:

In VR mode the game places the player in a stereotypical 90’s bedroom complete with a small CRT television, skateboard, record player and posters of various classic titles from the Japanese developer. This acts as an interactive menu where many of the objects dotted around the room can be used to adjust settings and access the games library.

The virtual reality option was available on the PC release of SEGA Genesis Classics when it launched in May of this year.

SEGA Genesis Classics features more than 50 of the company’s most iconic games from yesteryear including Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, and Streets of Rage. Like most current re-releases, it also features rewind and save anywhere options.

The compilation is available now on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. It can also currently be purchased physically on Amazon (at 20% off!) and as the Mega Drive Classics at a discount via PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale in Europe.

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