Sega Genesis Classics are Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Sega Genesis Classics are Coming to Xbox One and PS4

SEGA Genesis Classics are reborn and coming to the XBox One and PS4 with new features including multiplayer, mirror modes, save states, and more.

SEGA announced today that it would be releasing over 50 classic titles from the SEGA Genesis Classics collection to PlayStation and Xbox One players this May.

You can check out the trailer for the collection below.

The collection features fan favorites like Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Sonic 3D Blast, and more. SEGA is also promising modern features like online multiplayer, achievements, rewind, mirror modes, and what else but save states.

The collection will be released both physically and digitally. Additionally, players who already gaming with the SEGA Genesis Classics on Steam will receive these updated features for free on release day.

The trailer is everything¬†retro and depicts characters destroying their physical game cartridge prisons so that they may live on in this new virtual platform. Oh yeah, and it’s not coming to the Nintendo Switch.

SEGA Genesis Classics is set to release on May 29 for Xbox One and PS4. In other SEGA news, SEGA Forever mobile ports were teased back in June and you can read up on them here.