AtGames Comments on SEGA Genesis Flashback’s Poor Critical Reception; Says Review Units Were Faulty

Following largely negative responses and reception, AtGames has addressed that the SEGA Genesis Flashback seems to have had issues with faulty review units.

on August 3, 2017 12:25 PM

Following in the tradition of the NES Classic Edition and the boom of retro “micro-consoles,” the upcoming SEGA Genesis Flashback is set to provide gamers with a chance to experience many of the SEGA Genesis’s acclaimed library later this year. However, early critical reception of the micro-console has been largely negative, though the console’s maker seems to have provided an explanation for it.

Speaking with Kotaku, manufacturer AtGames provided a statement on the upcoming SEGA Genesis Flashback in response to the largely negative reception that the console has received as outlets received review units within the past few weeks. Among those problems that reviewers pointed out in the device (as it currently stands) are various technical issues with the games on the device itself, including lag with controller inputs, missing frames, subpar animation quality, and more.

In response to the critical feedback, AtGames explained that “a batch of our review units were accidentally shipped out with early software builds that do not represent the final version.” The company added that “we are working to get updated and correct final products in the hands of reviewers in the coming weeks.”

The SEGA Genesis Flashback offers 85 titles from across the Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear including Sonic the HedgehogMortal Kombat, and much more. The system will retail for $79.99 and is expected to release on September 22nd, 2017.

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