Sega Gives Up The Goods On Anarchy Reigns, Bayonetta And Two Extra Modes With Gamestop Pre-Order

If you haven’t heard of Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns, well where have you been? The online action combat game, set to hit shelves on January 8th, pits Plat’s IP against hordes of enemies in the apocalyptic future. If Jack and Big Bull from Madworld smashing heads in for thirty bucks isn’t enticing enough, how about Bayonetta?

SEGA recently announced that the leggy witch will be accompanying the rest of the cast if players pre-order the title from Gamestop. To sweeten the deal, they’re throwing in two new game modes to boot. Mad Survival pits players against hordes of enemies, much like normal survival mode, but the generic enemies are replaced with the hyperactive fighters in the game, leading to much more hectic battles. In Dogfight mode, players will hang off of helicopters in an attempt to riddle each other with bullets. All with one pre-order, not bad at all.

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Paul LaCen

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