SEGA Europe Partners with Former Lionhead Employees for New PC Sim Game

SEGA Europe Partners with Former Lionhead Employees for New PC Sim Game

SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios announce a partnership to bring a new sim game to PC. More information about the new game will be revealed in early 2018.

SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios have announced that a partnership has been established between the two companies in the development of a new PC title.

Two Point Studios is an independent developer that was founded in 2016 by former Lionhead Studios co-founder Mark Webley, and former Lionhead Creative Director Gary Carr. Amongst their many industry accomplishments, the team is made up of minds behind Black & White and Fable.

Along with the announcement of the partnership with SEGA Europe, Two Point’s Gary Carr added that the game the team is working on is a sim title.

“We are really excited to be working with SEGA and between us we feel confident that we can create something special, and realize our vision of crafting a beautiful, charming and challenging sim game.”

Beyond that bit of information, there’s not much else for us to go on at this time. We’ll just have to wait until early 2018 for more information.

According to the statement released today, SEGA and Two Point have been courting each other for some time now. John Clark, Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing at SEGA Europe said as much about the established partnership but also noted his confidence in Two Point.

“We’ve been talking to Two Point Studios for a long time and are really impressed with their vision. We’re delighted to announce our partnership and look forward to revealing more about the project early next year.”

Mark Webley’s sentiments seem to echo Clark’s statement, indicating that the two companies have found harmony.

“SEGA Europe has really impressed us with their approach to working with creative teams, their reputation as a PC publisher and their commitment to quality – they are an ideal partner for us.”

This is not the first independent studio that SEGA has signed a publishing partnership with lately. Recently, it established such an agreement with Playsport Games.